Break Like the Wind: Hecklerspray on the Mk. 2 Scirocco

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Laverty admits that this one ain't exactly rubbish. Harkening back to earlier days before traction control nannied us all into a sometimes-justified sense of security (how many times did we spin our '70 Skylark?), the second-gen Scirocco is one of our favorite '80s cars as well. While some prefer the Mk. 1 design that bowed in '74, we've always liked the looks of the 2nd Gen. It's kind of a poor man's Audi Coup .


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Pocket [Rocket.does] with 1.8 litres and a carb what a lot of "newer" cars can only dream of !.Love it for what it doesn't have...Power steering,catalyst,air con,airbags,abs etc....then enjoy driving something that doesn't remind you of your armchair at home, and feels like you need to smoke a pipe and wear slippers when you take it for a spin...awesome !:-)