Brazen Thief Steals Car In Front Of Police Officer, Gets Away With It

There's brazen, and then there's this guy, who managed to steal a Honda Accord in plain sight of an officer talking to the car's owner. Adding insult to injury, he got away scot-free.

Put aside for a moment the unfortunate situation the owner of the Accord has fallen into, and let's think about the situation the officer finds himself in. A crime happened in front of his eyes and the thief got away with virtually no effort, all captured on camera and broadcast for the whole world to see. We're going to bet this guy is in for a brutal ribbing from his friends on the force. There is no way he will ever live this incident down, they've probably even nicknamed him as a result of this. Something like "Officer McCar-Jack" or "Eagle Eyes McGee." Oh, it all happened so fast but will have repercussions for so, so long. [Youtube]


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