Brava Firenze: Alex Roy's Gumball 3000 Police Escort

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Back story: During the Italian leg of the Gumball 3000 rally in Europe this past May, Alex Roy, Jalopnik's road-rally correspondent, lead pilot of Team Polizei and king of all media, asked a few Italian police officers (in an Alfa Romeo 145 Subaru Legacy) where they could find a gas station. What followed may be the most insane Gumball 3000 incident ever caught on video. [Update: We owe our new factchecker, Chris, a quart of rocky road. The police car is actually a Subaru Legacy 2.5 AWD. Just awesome.]


Alex and crew ended up getting a high-speed escort from Florence's Piazza Michaelangelo, a chase that that unwound through the twisties of Viale Michelangelo, and out to the A1 autostrada, by the "coolest fucking cops in the world," according to Roy. According to the English chick in the back seat, who provides color commentary, the escort driver was "one mad fooker." And yes, the whole incident was caught on tape. It's 69MBs, but you definitely have time to download this one — trust us.

Also, do not miss Alex's live coverage of the upcoming Bullrun on Jalopnik next week.

Alex's Italian Adventure (MOV.) [Team144]

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