Brats, Vin, Spaghetti, Four-Bangers and Low-Calorie Mash: Vintage Lotus Adverts

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We love Lotus. We love the odd designs, we love the sheer randomness of the cars and their penchant for finding obscure words that begin with the letter E. (Seriously, who thought "Eclat" was a good name for a car? It sounds like a bowel dysfunction.) We love the Seven because it's like a well-endwed featherweight bear, if such a thing could possibly exist. We love the Esprit because it fires missiles and can travel underwater. We love the Elise because who else has the guts anymore to build such a raw vehicle and not feel the need to apologize for it?

We love that you can still buy a vintage Europa for eight grand. We love the fact that they once killed their most famous model simply because Renault stopped making the gearbox, and we love that they revolutionalized Indianapolis. Simply put, Lotus, even if they're owned by a Malaysian conglomerate these days, remains the punkest, scrappiest car company on the planet. Now go look at some old ads.


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