Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, a Formula One Grand Prix track in Mexico City, was the site of a nice track day for a bunch of BMW drivers—until someone’s brakes decided to go out. That’s when the “nice track day” became not so nice.

Between the weather, that incredible track, and a bunch of curve-carving BMWs, you can bet Camus Daniel—the person who posted this video to YouTube—was having a hell of a time, living the Jalop dream. But then the 3 Series in front of him got PIT-maneuvered. Hard:

Daniel says in the description that the accident was caused by a brake failure, which seems very likely, since that M3 was coming into that corner ridiculously hot.


Luckily everyone made it out OK, except those two BMWs. Those are probably now being offered to the car gods at the scrapyard.

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