Brace Yourselves With This Winterproof Snowplow Tacoma

Toyota and DC Shoes asked the fans to select a snow, motocross or skateboarding design for the ultimate sports Tacoma. Snowboarding seems to have won, and the result is great.

Camburg Engineering built the car for SEMA with a powerful front snowplow and a telescoping ramp to drive a snowmobile onto the truck bed. There's secure storage that can hold multiple snowboards, and a pop-up tent that sits on the roof with access via ladder. The idea is that sleeping on the truck would provide maximum time on the slopes, and to extend the fun, a 40-inch LED light bar can light up a mountainside for late-night snowboarding.


In order to save the juice in the battery, additional portable charging ports and performance batteries are also part of the kit. Inside, a mounted iPad takes care of the infotainment, with all-weather wireless speakers at hand just in case there's a party to start.


Looks like a good weekend with some added practicality.

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