Brabus Roadster Coupé: The Daily Driver of the Man Who Designed the McLaren F1

The REVA G-Wiz is tiny indeed but not very cool. How about something a hair larger but with a lot more style and power. Like maybe the Brabus Roadster Coupé.


This car is just swell. It has the proportions of a classic fastback but is shrunk down to inner city size. Compare it with a bicycle and a 3-Series BMW:

The regular version came with 82 turbocharged horses but the one you see here was given the Brabus magic to up that to 101—a full 20% increase. The car weighs in the neighborhood of 70s Japanese hatches with its 1,700 pounds, to which you add your own fat ass and distort the handling.


The only drawback is the abysmal gearbox, the same molasses-slow automatic derided by every man who has ever driven it and took to a text editor afterwards.

But still, if it’s good enough for Gordon Murray—the man who designed the Fan Car, the McLaren F1 and the Formula One championship winning Brabhams and McLarens of Piquet and Senna—it should be good for all of us.


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