Bouncy Car? Casino Man? Hecklerspray on the Golf Mk. 2

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Laverty, apparently, missed our usual Friday commentary on his beloved-of-tha-Jalop "Rubbish Cars We Love" story. So he e-mailed us. In our defense, Chris, we were on assignment, then we were taking a well-deserved four-day break from the computer, the likes of which hasn't been seen at this particular Jalop bureau since, um, uh, errr...1999? So now we're refreshed and back in action, have a couple of bits in the hopper, and Mr. Laverty's all up ons with a bit on our to-date favorite iteration of the OG hot hatch. Don't unpimp your auto. Ditch it and go find yourself a 2nd Gen GTI, after all, as the Lav points out, "By waiting around, you are already losing money."


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