Bosnian Man Builds His Own F1 Car

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It's not really an F1 car, but this 117 miles per hour machine was built by hand by one man living 125 miles outside of Sarajevo.

Miso Kuzmanovic wanted his own F1 car, but since he was never going to be able to buy one, he decided to build his own open wheeler. Kuzmanovic told the Associated Press, "I invested 25,000 Euro ($30,000), and thousands of work hours to build this car and I love it."


The car is six meters (19.6 feet) long, it weighs 1,280 kilograms (2,821 lbs), and it's got a two liter engine of unknown provenance.


Once Kuzmanovic finished the build, he took it for a surprise drive to freak out his neighbors. Excellent.


Photo Credits: AP