The best laid plans of mice, men and overly enthusiastic car bloggers. So, while hunting around for pics of the Royale, I stumbled upon the Arzens L'Oeuf in a series of photos from the Schlumpf collection. As you may have guessed, I nearly had heart failure. Why have I never seen or heard of this French Egg before?!? I mean, a three-wheeled French bubble car honed from aluminum and plexiglass? How many official cars can Jalopnik support? As fast as I could I emailed Jonee Eisen, my microcar expert friend who explained to me that the Arzens is a, "very famous car." I felt dumb and in my mad rush to get it ready for you all, I hamstered it and the damn thing went live yesterday afternoon. So, so much for the surpirse, here's a link and enjoy the dip