Bomb Explodes On Israeli Bus [UPDATE]

A bomb exploded on a public bus heading from Bnei Brak to the nearby city of Bat Yam, according to Haaretz. Though passengers had already been evacuated, a police explosives demolition expert was reportedly lightly injured. UPDATE: no one was hurt, see more at the bottom of the post.

From Haaretz:

A passenger discovered the suspicious object as the No. 240 bus made its through the nearby city of Bat Yam, and alerted the driver. The driver stopped the bus and ordered passengers to disembark.


Yeah, those announcements saying "if you see a suspicious package, please alert the police," are no joke.

While once sadly commonplace, terrorist attacks on Israeli buses have now become relatively rare. The last bus bombing in Israel was in November of 2012, which wounded at least 28.


We'll update you as we get more information.

UPDATE: Contrary to initial reports, Reuters is now reporting that no people were injured. The bomb exploded as police were examining the bag, but no people were hurt.


Photo credit Stam Rehov

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