Boeing fails to load Ferraris into new cargo plane during demo

Is there a better way to show off a giant new freighter for potential buyers than loading two new Ferraris into the cargo bay at the Paris Air Show? Don't ask Boeing, because when they tried to load this Ferrari FF into its 747-8F cargo plane the equipment broke. How do you say "FAIL" in French?

According to Flight Global the culprit was a "faulty freight loader," which turned the Boeing reps redder than one of Alan Mulally's sweater vests. They also said there were two Ferrari FFs, although all we've seen is an FF and a California.


Either way, Boeing's media reps quickly reacted and parked the cars next to the new planes. Perhaps they should make it a package deal. Buy a 747, get a Ferrari.*

*Delivery not included.

Photos: The Boeing Company

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