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Bob Lutz To Pimp Volt On David Letterman

Illustration for article titled Bob Lutz To Pimp Volt On David Letterman

An aviation enthusiast who sorta still works in the car industry is going to appear on David Letterman's Late Show next Wednesday to defend the love child he had with former boss Rick Wagoner.


Bob Lutz, who just dumped all his GM stock, is apparently taking issue with Letterman's mockery of the Chevy Volt's 40-mile EV range. Two weeks ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk used the advanced technology of his home planet to holographically project a 3D image of the Tesla Model S onto the Late Show's stage, tricking Letterman into believing that it was real. The comedian then drew upon his encyclopedic knowledge of the auto industry to rail against automakers for failing to bring an electric vehicle to market and disparaged the usefulness of the Volt's range, failing to mention the hybrid drivetrain.


Lutz, who had to surrender custody of Chevy Volt when he announced he would quit GM, got special permission from its new guardian, Barack Obama, to take it all the way to the Big Apple to appear on television.

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Bo Lutz, Alpha Dog is more like it!