"Maximum" Bob Lutz, the vice chairman for the General, got in front of the camera to talk a bit about his new baby — the Chevy HHR SuperSport — the same HHR esh-esh we revealed last night via press photos, and we'll be on hand for at the live unveiling later today. The lead product man for GM had us riveted with his description of the new Chevy HHR SS — up until the point he said "I could see...for instance...someone who has a Cobalt SS, but with a need for more room may well be attracted to this vehicle..." But then, just as soon as he loses us, he snaps us back to attention by explaining the "little car...seats five with comfort, and when necessary...goes like hell." But he actually sells us on it when he tells us the top speed will be over 150 mph. Have we mentioned how much we totally heart this crazy old coot of a man?


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