BMW's Turbo Six to be a $3000 Option

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An upright citizen of matchless character has posted BMW's pricing sheet for the 2007 335i coupe on e90 Post today. According to the sheet, that spanky new twin-turbo mill is putting $3000 psi in upward samolians pressure on the 3-Series:

· 2007 328i: $35,300 (+$3,000 over 2006 325Ci)
· 2007 335i: $40,600 (+$3,000 over 2006 330Ci)
· 2007 328ix: $37,100 (N/A)

Give unto Bimmer, and all that. [Thanks to Jason for the tip.]

E92 Coupe Pricing is Here! [e90 Post]

More on the BMW 335i [internal]

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Well, here's one more reason not to buy the 325ci: the front bumper, which sits just a few inches off the ground, clips on to the front of the car with a few very narrow slots. These slots are millimeters away from the edge of the bumper, which means a subtle tug will tear it loose. And the tear will be irreparable short of replacing the entire bumper at $1000 a pop.

So who subtly tugs their bumper? You do, when you park over a parking stop. And if you're talented enough to remember every single time not to pull up that far, better hope all the valet parkers, car washers, service people, and anyone you ever let drive your car are equally talented.

When it happened to me, I asked the body shop (it was a BMW dealer's body shop) how common an occurence these torn off bumpers were. They said they got a lot — sometime 8-10 a day. It was nice to hear that there were so many other fools out there who didn't know that their bumpers should never come within 2 feet of a parking stop, but it seems that if the problem is this pervasive, maybe a manufacturer that cared would do something about it.

Now I know low bumpers tend to be, well, low. But when my father-in-law scraped a parking stop with his Volvo's front bumper, when he backed up, he pulled the parking stop out of the ground and the bumper was fine. I'm not advocating higher bumpers; I'm advocating a stronger method of attaching them.