This promotional B-roll footage of the new production version of the BMW X6 just appeared on our radar screen-like RSS reader this morning. One thing's for certain, this slight leakage tells us we'll probably be seeing the embargo break on the new vehicle any moment now. Yup, we're just waiting for a literal torrent of shots of the new big-butt sedan/coupe/CUV/wagon thing any moment now. Yes, any second now...wait, no, not yet. Now? Nope, keep waiting. Now? No! Watch the video, fercrissakes! So what's different? Well, in comparison with the X6 concept previewed in Frankfurt, the notable differences appear to be the same changes we saw in the spy photos from back in September — visible B and C-pillars, the larger exterior mirrors and the new pipes in the rear. Now we're wondering — is this the new Detroit Auto Show preview we're supposed to be expecting? UPDATE: Production model shots of the X6 have been added below thanks to the embargo-breakin' UK bad boys at AutoCar. Our new post with all the deets is here.

[YouTube via GermancarZone via CarScoop]