BMW Wants Another North American Factory So It Can Rule The World

Not content with the fact an upcoming expansion will make its South Carolina factory the largest factory in the world making big things with blue propeller badges, BMW is looking for a place to build more cars on this continent.

According to Bloomberg, BMW has narrowed the location down to a few locations, including two in Mexico according to its sources. That would make sense, as rival Audi is already building a plant in Mexico to start turning out Q5s in 2016. It also comes on the heels of BMW reporting sales in the first quarter of 2014 that (narrowly) bested both Audi and Mercedes-Benz.


A future BMW factory in North America is rumored to turn out the best-selling 3-series, a move that mirrors Mercedes' decision to start building the 2015 C-Class in its Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant. Knowing BMW, it could also build a ton of niche stuff like the 3 GT, 4-series Gran Coupe and something active and tourer-y.

Photo: BMW

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