BMW To Sell 'Discreet' $458,000 Year Of The Horse M6 In China

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As far as we know, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe Horse Edition doesn't include an actual horse. It's more in honor of the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse. Although for $458,000, a pony would be nice, too.

The standard M6 Gran Coupe sounds like the most pointless car, but it's actually extremely beautiful. Using math, those things add up to a car that you should want.


The Horse part of the M6 adds in some niceties, like the Competition Package for a full 575, um, horses. Oh, and there's some horse embrodiery going on in the interior.


There are only six M6 Gran Coupe Horses, though, according to Bloomberg. So miss out on those, and you'll have settle for one of the 30 M5 Horses for sale in China. Those are only going for the equivalent of $327,000.

Photos: BMW