BMW tii Doppelganger Causes Heart Palpitations, Questions

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We have literally no information on this car. It showed up on a forum this morning, and we've been trying to glean details since then. What we do know is that it's registered in Munich, Germany; it has some very hot non-standard components; and it's made up to look like the BMW 1-Series tii concept we saw unveiled in Tokyo. Aside from that, it's all speculation. Pictures of unknown origin, from a well lit garage in Munich, with a car that looks like the tii, that won't start some pants on fire. The photographer saw fit to include a shot of the differential peeking out of the underbody, but why? Is it an LSD? Maybe. We also can't really figure out what the doodads on the top of the steering wheel are. Shift lights? Really obnoxious turn signal indicators? Mood lighting? Your guess is as good as ours. None of this really matters though because we're pretty sure as soon as the 1-Series aftermarket takes off here, you won't have a problem making your own version. We dumped the gallery from Tokyo in after the jump so feel free to compare and contrast.