I had no idea the BMW 1600 GT even existed until I saw one at a vintage BMW show this summer. It turns out the stunning little sports car has a fascinating history, which BMW pays homage to in this new video.

The 1600 GT started life in the early 1960s not in a BMW plant, but in one owned by German automaker Glas, who also produced the famous Goggomobil compact. When Glas fell on hard times, BMW acquired them and shoved their 1.6-liter engine into their GT sports car. They also grafted on the famous kidney grille nose.


Aside from that, it doesn't really look like a BMW, but it's still a stunning machine when you see it in person. That's not likely to happen, since only 1,255 coupes were built.

Perhaps the 1600 GT's most important legacy was the Glas plant in Dingolfing where it was built, which today is one of BMW's biggest and most important production facilities. Isn't history fun, kids?