Doesn't matter if they're built for the autobahn or hauling bloody bodies to the hospital, it seems like BMWs always return to their natural environment: posing in valet lines waiting for pretty people to pick them up.

BMW is exhibiting their latest line of first-response vehicles at this year's RETTmobil, Europe's biggest rescue vehicle trade show. The machines look sweet, no doubt. But it cracks me up that BMW can't resist putting their lights-and-liveried rescue rigs in the same fancy-pants press shots as they do with their regular cars.

Sure, we keep our rigs shined up at the fire house. But you won't catch the chief taking out an apparatus on date night.

That said, a BMW X5 Ambulance looks really cool and the iDrive-controlled rescue lights are even cooler. ("Notarzt" is essentially "emergency doctor" in German.)

Let's fire up that frontblitzer and race through some traffic!

Images: BMW