Illustration for article titled BMW Plans To Challenge $2,500 Car In India With $49,000 Mini

When Indian carmaker Tata made international headlines with their $2,500 Tata Nano other automakers took notice. One of those automakers is BMW, which already has a growing sales operation in India. Wanting to get a slice of the small car market, the company is considering bringing over the Mini. The projected cost? No less than Rs.2 million, or $49,444. This would make it the most expensive small car in the country at a cost equivalent to 20 Nanos.


The company currently sells nearly a full line of BMW vehicles, including M products. Last year the company sold 1,387 units, including about 743 3-series. A feasibility report has been submitted and it'll be up to the company's management to decide whether or not the Mini will actually reach India. If it does we hope they remember to delete the Union Jack roof option. [Economic Times India]

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