BMW M3 Used As Full-Scale Playstation Controller

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We can think of a lot of fun uses for an E30 BMW M3, but the guys at Studie, a Yokohama speed shop, thought it best to use this one as a full-sized Playstation racing controller. Only in Japan.

Studie is, for lack of a better term, a Japanese tuning haus, specializing in German marques and installing tuner parts from AC Schnitzer, AP racing and doing their own custom builds. The E30 sits on the shop's main show floor and is fully kitted out to act as a game controller for a Playstation 3. It's hard to say whether the car's a shell or a kitted-up regular E30, but depending on your perspective, this is either the most awesome game controller of all time or a waste of a perfectly good M3. [Gawa via InsideLine]