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BMW M3 Gets Face Lift For 2009, Now With 10% Less Ugly

Illustration for article titled BMW M3 Gets Face Lift For 2009, Now With 10% Less Ugly

The leaky sieve over at BMW has let slip official photos of the 2009 BMW M3 sedan and coupe. Both the E90 and E92 benefit from the 2009 BMW 3-series facelift, which means the bumpers, lights and interiors are cleaned up to make them a little less awkward. While this will probably really piss off people who just paid up to $100,000 for this year's model, we're big fans of the 2008 BMW M3, so I guess we're 10% bigger fans of this new model.

(Hat tip to Timothy!) [via M3Post]


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Great. The rear taillights don't line up. I won't be able to look at this car again. It looks like someone fucked up and never bothered to fix it.

It's the same reason I could never buy a Lexus IS. If you see one, have a close look at the nose. All the character lines lead in different directions, then break off, and head at odd angles from each other. Two lead to the grille, whose vertical lines lead in a different angle. Then lines continue between the grille and the headlights, again leading in OTHER different angles. The character lines on the sides, leading to the headlights, meet the headlight casing, then continue in other angles.

Maybe it's a bit of OCD showing, but I want my car to have a discernable flow to it. Random angles, for the sake of adding random angles, seem to me to strike a chord of disharmony.