BMW M235i Will Get AWD, Future Rallycross Drivers Rejoice

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The screams of joy from literally dozens of amateur rallycross drivers could be heard echoing from Vermont to the Netherlands as BMW announced the M235i coupe will get xDrive.


CarScoops reports that the top 2er (along with other models in the range) will be getting all-wheel drive officially in Europe. A leaked document reportedly confirms the drivetrain for the US next year. The 0-60 on-ramp run drops a maybe-significant 0.2 seconds compared to the RWD model (4.6 vs 4.8 respectively).


You might think that this is just another move towards complete market homogeneity from BMW, a single step out of many away from rear-drive character towards a full-range lineup indistinguishable from any other AWD/FWD mainstream manufacturer.

But no!

Clearly, this is not a calculated move by Munich execs to claw up even the tiniest bit of unexploited marketshare, pleasing every single potential Drive Now car share user who doesn't understand why their sporty coupe should have to feel so sketchy on a rainy, sleety interstate or Autobahn.

Rather, it's an effort to please potential third-owners who look forward to using their tired daily-driver coupe on weekend dirt/snow rallycross runs.

I think that's just obvious.

Photo Credit: BMW

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Bill Caswell

I saw one testing at the Nurburgring last month. I think this one had wider fenders at some point in its life because of the weird tape covering what I think were spot welds for the VLN fenders. Maybe a M2 Xdrive with wider fenders is coming?…