Dealers: BMW M2 Production To Start In November

Are you excited about the BMW M2? I'm excited. I wasn't a huge fan of the M4, but I loved the 228i. The M2 looks to combine the best of both worlds with its compact dimensions and rumored power output of up to 374 horsepower. According to some leaked dealer order sheets, M2s will start rolling off the line in November.


According to BimmerPostNews that was published on the 2addicts forum, a screenshot of a dealership order sheet reveals that the M2 will have a November 2015 production date. It was earlier reported that the production dates for the U.S were not slated until March, while Europe would begin in November.

Like the 1-series coupe that came before it, the 2-series is a return to the compact and driver oriented performance coupes that BMW was known for. We consider the 1-series coupe a future classic, so it will be interesting to see how the 2-series and its M variant stack up.

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