BMW M Boss Wants An M7, But Faster 3-Series GT Is A Higher Priority

We've known BMW to send a lot of cars to the M division recently, but there's promise in things like the 2014 BMW M3 and M4. One car the M division has never given the full treatment to is the 7-series, but the engineering guy in charge of M wants to change that. Eventually.


Speaking to Autocar, Albert Biermann said he wants to compete in the area of the luxury market that includes the Mercedes S63 AMG and the Jaguar XJR. The top performance 7-series now is the Alpina B7, which we described as "decent" last year. An M7, at long last, might just be the ultimate M yet.

"There's so many nice things you could do with unlimited money," he told Autocar.

But while M is basically printing money these days, especially with lunatic stuff like the X5 and X6 Ms, Biermann says there are bigger cash cows in the works. These include xDrive versions of the next M5 and M6 and, for reasons unknown, an M3 version of the 3-series Gran Turismo. Yeesh.


Seriously, M, it'll be amazing if the 3 GT doesn't flop like the 5 GT did. Who's going to want an M version anyway? Just throw your money into an M7 finally, because that'll actually be a rational car by your standards.


Photo: BMW

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