Illustration for article titled BMW E39 M5 Vs Brand Spanking New EVO?

Today's question comes from Davey G. Johnson of all Hüsker Dü shirt wearing people. Davey's point is this: The price of a decent E39 is hovering around $30,000. For that kind of scratch would you rather get almost a decade's worth of someone else's hoonage and melty tires, or step up to the untapped potential of Mitsubishi's soon to be released, baddest assest ever EVO? A couple points to ponder: True the EVO is coming incorrect with a DSG-style do-hickey instead of a friggin' manual. However, Mitsubishi's name for the DSG is "SST." Which warms our old punk rock hearts. Also, commenter Daga will be sad to hear our spies report that the EVO's backseat is a touch on the sardine side. Well?


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