BMW And Alfa Romeo Ride The Tail of the Dragon

This is why we live in the best time for driving. The roads are restricted, gas is expensive and cars are becoming numbing transportation pods, but you can buy a BMW E30 or an Alfa GTV6 for peanuts and go tear up twisting country roads whenever you have a free weekend.

The roads in question are the legendary byways of North Carolina and Virginia: Tail of the Dragon, Diamondback, Devil's Staircase, Moonshiner, Blue Ridge Parkway. The cars are a 1989 BMW 325i and a 1983 Alfa Romeo GTV6, owned by the fine folks at MotoringConBrio and Automobiliac, respectively.

Turn up the volume and start checking your local Craigslist for a classic rear-drive-coupe like one of these two. You're only a few thousand bucks away from driving heaven.

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Chairman Kaga

That's it. This weekend I am kicking ass on my GTV6 to get it ready for body and paint. I WILL drive that car by my birthday!!!