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BMW 3-Series Facelift?

Illustration for article titled BMW 3-Series Facelift?

A few new photos of a 3-series prototype surfaced this week, indicating the three is in for a mild restyling. Noted differences to the Munichers' bread-and-butter for 2009 include altered front bumper and air intakes, rounded-off grille, sculpted-in hood and sharper side skirts — that from the photo analysts at E90Post. Talk about detail-oriented; we had no idea Monk was into BMWs. [E90Post]


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Rear ends are a big problem for BMW. They didn't use to be, but they are now. The 7, the 6, the 5, the Z4, and the 3. All rubbish in the back. And that's the end you want other drivers behind you to say "Wow! Wish I could afford that beautiful car!" instead of "What the hell is that?"