BMW 1-Series Spotted in Long Beach, Cal-i-forn-i-a

Long time Jalop lurker and new buddy John spotted a BMW 1-Series on the streets of Long Beach, sans badging, and nabbed it by cameraphone.

I saw this on my way home yesterday (along Ocean Blvd. heading away from the Ports of LA & Long Beach) and didn't recognize it. No badges, but it had dealer plates and was following another beamer (also with dealer plates).


Although a new, 1-Series coupe is reportedly headed this way, it won't likely be a hatch like this one. (It'll be the one with the trunk). Some company man's probably just having a bit of a laugh. Still, it cruises the LB as if it belonged there. We could almost picture Dub Allstars and the Carpenters sharing a sandwich and gossiping about inline sixes.

Spy Photos: BMW 1-Series, Now With Fascia; Spy Photos: A Peugeot Parks in Brooklyn [internal]

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