Blog Hoonage: Tuesday is Art and Stupidity Appreciation Day

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• A little dirt on the back of a Mini can actually be quite beautiful. [Motoring Fun]
• Anyone who would spend $150K on gear shift is, quite frankly, a knob. [Luxist]
Quelle horreur! A car salesman acting like a jackass! [Vandal Sense]
• It's a little too soon to be removing the Kerry 04 stickers from car bumpers, dontcha think? Maybe not next year either - at that point, they may very well be considered "vintage". [Daily Kos]
• Waaaaaait a minute. Using a piece of cardboard, a wire hanger, a crowbar and two people on top of the car is an acceptable and legal way of unlocking a rental car door? Color us surprised. [WTF?!?]
• Cars and hippie-quasi-psychologysomething go hand in hand. Right? [Side Effects]

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