Blog Hoonage: Quasi-Tasty Gas Tank Dregs

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• Sorry, but our moms told us not to accept gifts from strangers. Especially strangers with Bibles. Even if it is a free Mercedes. [Life Inspired]
• Super News Item Potential! Car alarms are ineffective and annoying. [The Eyechild]
• Driver's Ed Adult Reprise, where all shitastic drivers *should* go to die learn to drive. [treebones]
• Want to do some hard-core J-style motoring? Yes, if only but to keep the women from thinking we're too heterosexually jingoistic. [MotorTrend]
• The newest form of road rage: overuse of exclamation points. [a girl of glass]
• Snow, driving, traffic, blah blah blah. [Roots & Wings]

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