Blog Hoonage: No Left Turns

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• Soon, you'll never have to leave your car again...[Fogonazos]
• ....or even drive it yourself. []
• Some guys who aren't "car guys" like to wax nostalgic about cars, you know? [FTTW]
• Sure, you can rent a Shelby GT-H, tear up the Ortega Highway and write a whole bunch of shit about it, but that's not going to change the mileage cap put on your trip by those bastards at Hertz. [Dubspeed Driven]
• What's wrong with letting your 12-year-old drive your car? She has to be safer than your drunk ass driving it. [Yahoo! News]
• Three right turns equal one left turn. that is, until you forget how many right turns you've made. [Simply Marvelous]

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