Blog Hoonage: Mom! Dad Won't Let Me Drive My Jaguar To School...On Valentine's Day

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• All y'all haterz can just SHUT IT, okay? She did get the Jaguar for her Super Sweet 16th birthday. MTV would never, ever lie to us. Like, evah. [St. Petersburg Times]
• Clearly, the reason you're a broke fatass is because you own a car. [Truth & Progress]
• If you see the word "Saab" written more than forty times in the same blog post, your eyes begin to add extra vowels. [Trollhattan Saab]
• Well, that's one way to wish your wife a happy Valentine's Day. []
• You may think BMW is making you feel like a loser for owning one of their cars instead of motorcycle, but everyone knows that the only person who can make you feel like a loser is you. [Hardtop]

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