Blog Hoonage: Mom! Dad Won't Let Me Drive My Jaguar To School...On Valentine's Day

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

• All y'all haterz can just SHUT IT, okay? She did get the Jaguar for her Super Sweet 16th birthday. MTV would never, ever lie to us. Like, evah. [St. Petersburg Times]
• Clearly, the reason you're a broke fatass is because you own a car. [Truth & Progress]
• If you see the word "Saab" written more than forty times in the same blog post, your eyes begin to add extra vowels. [Trollhattan Saab]
• Well, that's one way to wish your wife a happy Valentine's Day. []
• You may think BMW is making you feel like a loser for owning one of their cars instead of motorcycle, but everyone knows that the only person who can make you feel like a loser is you. [Hardtop]


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gotta love the biker's logic: get rid of your car, move close to your job, etc. = healthy and rich

Does she realize this doesn't work for 99% of the population?

What about groceries and other items larger than a bicycle basket? What do you do when there are no places to live near your job, or if there are, it'd be dangerous to ride a bicycle to work?

Even if I lived only 1 mile from work there's 6" of snow on the ground and the roads icy, what would a biker do, bike in front of cars on slippery roads? Walk a mile in 13 degree weather and 6" of snow?

What do you do with your children when you get groceries or go out? Strap your baby to your bicycle?

She doesn't even mention her plan wouldn't work for 99% of the population, she comes across as an arrogant bitch with statements like "Try my No-Car Diet for two weeks and make your own decision." Huh?? How do you move to a new location and change jobs just for 2 weeks? This isn't a diet.

"So sell your car and join the ranks of the rich and healthy." Yup, because without my car i'd be rich & healthy, that's all it takes, right? There's no rich or healthy people that own a car, right?

Let's face it: American cities were not designed for bicyclist. Get over it and get your ass to the gym. Make exercise enjoyable like it use to be when you were a child, when you'd play soccer and basketball and tag for fun instead of now where you plop down on the couch and watch American Idol for 2 hours for fun. Find friends that share the same ideas and go play team sports several times a week.