Blizzard Causes Colossal 134-Car Wreck In Japan

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Screenshot: Nippon TV/YouTube

I know in America many gearheads love nothing more than to see huge groups of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) cars, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say this group of JDM cars is not what we hope to see: a massive pileup of 134 cars on a highway in northern Japan earlier today. Snowy, blizzard-like conditions are being blamed on the huge crash, which reportedly killed one, injured 17 people and stranded around 200.

The wreck happened on the Tohoku Expressway in Miyagi prefecture, and, according to Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato, seems to have been started when a truck rammed a car, starting the cascade of wrecks that eventually stretched over a half-mile in length.


The wreck was cleared after around eight hours of work, which seems like a pretty rapid clean-up time. Speed limits in the area have been reduced to 31 mph/50 kph due to the clearly very dangerous weather conditions.

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I’ve always thought we should have dynamic speed limits on highly trafficked corridors that can react to traffic volume, weather, and time of day. Very few individuals seem to understand what constitutes driving “too fast for conditions”, so we should make it a lot more obvious. I’m sure it exists in places, but it should be much more widely used.