Blip: Young SS

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Photo: Jason Torchinsky

I’m back! Yesterday I took the kid up to Duncan Imports to look at a bunch of cars, among which was this amazing Subaru 360 Young SS—the sporty version of the tiny Subaru 360. Where the normal 360 made about 16 horsepower, the Young SS one, with its twin carbs, made a ravenous 36 hp—that’s 100 hp per liter, before any of you smug bastards laugh. That’s no joke.


It also has a dent (intentional) in the roof to help hold a surfboard, which is cool.

Anyway, I love it.

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36 hp is actually going to move along nicely in that little can. I love the sound those 2 cylinder 2 strokes make, but probably because my old boat was the same configuration.