Blip: What The Hell Is Going On In This Country (Squire)?

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Photo: Ford

It’s Friday, so first off, bang-up job on the week. I’ll be writing up commendations in all your files. But first I’d like you to consider this 1975 Ford wagons brochure. Look at the picture on the left, the cutaway view of that Country Squire. What’s going on, especially in the middle seat? Is that a woman and her doctor being shown a picture by a priest while kids played checkers in the background and mom was explaining “the monthlies” to her daughter up front?


I don’t get the middle seat, really. I don’t recall drive-through art or portrait services in the 1970s, medical or otherwise. Hmm.


Sid Bridge

I think this was a pilot for the failed sitcom “Country Squire” where all the action took place in a a Country Squire. It just couldn’t make the ratings the other network was getting with “Town & Country”