Blip: The Other Kind Of Picnic

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Photo: Citroën

Here’s something modern carmakers never seem to advertise or promote anymore: how easy it is to disassemble their cars in a nice, verdant field with the family. The Citroën DS was famously easy to remove body panels from, as you can see here, and why not show that off?


If they know another family with a different color DS, they could effectively swap paint jobs in like 30 minutes or so! Tell me that’s not cool.

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Y’know what this is? This is teaching the kids a prank mom ‘n’ dad pulled in college over Christmas break, when they disassembled that snotty Chaz’s Citroen, and reassembled it on the roof of the chemistry building, while Chaz and family vacationed in Basel. When Chaz returned, he could see the top of his beloved car peaking over the roof of the chem building. Chazzer had to pay $3,973 (and that was 1977 dollars) to have a crew remove it from the rooftop. In addition, the university fined him $200 for illegal parking, and another $400 to repair damage to the chem building’s roof.

Don’t ask me how I know, but I know. Oh, I know!