Blip: The Greatest Car In The World

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Photo: Volkswagen

I was going through some old notes, and uncovered the following first-impression thoughts of when I was driving a Volkswagen Up GTI, years ago. These have not been edited, though I cannot find a lie here:

  • The up GTI is the best thing ever
  • Who gives a fuck about the sound
  • What it feels like to blow a tire in a foreign country without a spare
  • The plaid
  • Does the up GTI need performance enhancements like rear wheel disc brakes?
  • The auto stop is good
  • Never drive in European cities
  • The manual gearbox is smooth
  • Car won’t let you rev past the redline
  • Brake assist on hills is a bit inconsistent but once you learn its rhythms you get used to it
  • It probably has too many gears
  • The gear suggestion on the dash was bad and ridiculous
  • The car really purrs

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Idiot who sold e39 m5

False. E39 M5.