Blip: That Looks Like A Little BMW Kinda, Right?

Illustration for article titled Blip: That Looks Like A Little BMW Kinda, Right?
Photo: Daihatsu

Maybe it’s that Hofmeister Kink in the rear quarter window, but something about the proportions and look of this 1968 Daihatsu Compagno just feels like a shrunken BMW. Like a smaller 2002. Maybe a 1001. I also like the lengths the owners go to in order to photograph a Bridge Family in their natural habitat.

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I lived in the South long enough to expect the kid asking “Daddy, what are Chiggers?” and both of these families finding out the hard way what they are.

Or, as an alternative the kid could be asking “what’s that big mound of dirt the car is parked on?”   The answer to that is worse than chiggers.