Blip: Remember This Strange Dream?

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Illustration: Lyons

The other day, ex-Jalop Mike Ballaban had a memory, a memory of a strange, improbable supercar with no “only one wire” that was supposed to be shown at the NYC Auto Show,but was pulled at the last minute. I knew exactly what he was talking about. It was the 1700 HP (well, they said) Lyons Streamliner, and it was wonderfully bonkers and, I think, mostly fictional.

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This is the only supercar design that has actual vision these days. All the supercars today are just evolutions of the f40 or the 959. And there’s like twenty supercars right now? Then what truly stands out if a McLaren is a Konigsegg is a Bugatti? Whatever this blob is, it not only looks like nothing else but uses technology in ways that have never been used before.

My humble and useless opinion is, that if it were real, it would be truly the only supercar.