Blip: Nuke Plant Monkey Trucking

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Illustration: Thames trucks

It’s Friday! Time, she moves ahead. Slowly, lumberingly, sort of like how I imagine this wonderfully odd-looking Thames Trader truck moves. Also, this may be one of the very few car ads to take place with a nuclear power plant in the background, which makes me assume that inside that big wooden crate being delivered are probably a lot of radiation-hardened spider monkeys used to scrape out the cooling towers. Those are a sight to see. Majestic.

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Those are a sight to see. Majestic.

Especially at night, when the spider monkeys were aglow. They had their own sheltered island just offshore, and we could see it from my childhood home on the hill. They were brought ashore to clean the nuclear facility as needed. We whiled away many an evening watching them from our front porch, their glowing figures appearing and disappearing as they romped amongst the trees, distant fireflies, but year round. Aaah, good times...

Also, love that illustration.