Blip: Meet Marty And Moritz!

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I think my favorite comedy duo of the mid 1960s has to be the comedy stylings of Marty and Moritz, an affable, bumbling dipshit and his best friend/main antagonist, a BMW 1800 given the power of life by an enchanted set of dentures placed in the dashboard ashtray. The duo did comedy tours all over the country for years, until, ironically, Marty died from a rare condition where his body ran out of (naturally ocurring) oil.

Moritz is now in the Neudelfarb Collection in San Fellatas, California, America’s only museum/retirement home for sentient and semi-sentient automobiles.

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I don’t have a pithy comment, but, I am again reminded that manufacturers need to figure out how to make huge greenhouses like that old BMW again.

Old cars are often amazingly pleasurable to drive simply because you can actually see out of them without a phalanx of cameras and sensors to make up for the tiny bunker windows on virtually all modern cars.

And yes, I fully understand it’s a negative side effect of modern safety regulations.

Still, you would think with modern high strength materials and advanced airbag technology, we could do a whole lot better.

Give me that sweet window acreage.