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I’ve always liked the generally-unliked Volkswagen Type IV. It was, arguably, the first real modernization of the VW air-cooled formula, with all kinds of up-to-date (maybe finally up-to-date) techniques like unibody construction, MacPherson strut suspension, fuel injection, all that. This one here was VW’s first real four-door (depending on if you count the Type 181 Thing). I just always thought it should have had a hatchback for the rear cargo area. Now you know. Hope you have a better week!

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A kid in high school had a Bug. I wish he had the Type IV instead. He was a “Beefy” lad and he had “healthy” friends. You hear the car coming as it scraped over the speedbump at the entrance to the parking lot. I don’t know if the Type IV would have handled the weight of all these beefy dudes either, but it would have solved one major problem with the Bug.

See the Bug only had two roll down windows. And we there were 4 offensive (focus on offensive) linemen packed into it after a night of drinking beer, eating pizza and drinking beer. If each individual had a window, maybe some of the beer farts would have had a chance to escape to the wild before the doors opened on that poor bug.  It was like having a semi-truck dump a load of sulfur dioxide in the parking lot every morning.