Blip: Horse Resort

For years, these were the only legal way to socialize with horses

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Photo: Peugeot

If you were the sort of person that preferred the company of horses to humans, there really was only one option for you: Horse Resorts. Horse resorts or horse clubs or equine escapes were the only legal way for human/horse socializing in Europe from the 1930s to the 1980s. Peugeot invested heavily in these, even making a version of the 504 with a rear seat modified to accomodate Shetland ponies.


Today, these are all gone, made illegal after the Horse Thing of 1988.



The 504 was Peugeot’s flagship throughout the 70s, but not as classy as Citroën’s flagship the DS. Louis de Funes is renowned for driving a DS in the movie Rabbi Jakob where he plays a rich industrial. He’s also famous for his Gendarme movies and in the Gendarme en ballade movie he played the retired chief (not the boss) and drove almost the exact same 504 as in the picture above. (in blue) Horses are for the dignified rich French, Shetland ponies for the French wannabe-rich.