Blip: Holy Crap It's 2021

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Illustration: Louisiana State Exhibit Museum (Other)

Huh. I guess all this “progression of time” talk wasn’t just some goofy marketing gimmick to sell calendars with kittens or half-dressed CPAs on it. It’s 2021, the most currently annual year, ever! In it’s honor, here’s a car from 100 years ago, a 1921 Bour Davis, of the Louisiana Motor Car Company in Shreveport. The company went under in 1921 after moving from Detroit in 1917, and there seems to be only one left, at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum. There you go—the first car you probably never heard of for 2021!

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It is only December 22nd if you are using the Julian Calendar. Lets not celebrate the death of that accursed year just yet, lets get it out of all the calendars first.