Blip: Gotta Admire The Cramming

It's time for another cutaway! Everyone loves cutaways, right?

Image for article titled Blip: Gotta Admire The Cramming
Illustration: Glas, Autominded

I always love seeing cutaway diagrams of cars, and one of the details I love most is the remarkable cramming skills of whoever’s shoving the luggage in. No bit of volume is wasted. Look at that valise shoved right up against the rear bulkhead there—that took some foresight, knowing that it would deform and fill exactly the remaining empty volume behind that furthest-back hardshell suitcase and the trunk’s back wall. So good.


Also, leaf springs? Come on, Glas.


Sid Bridge

Part of me feels like you picked this one just so you could make proper use of the word “valise.”

I’d tip my hat to you, sir, but someone crammed my hat box into a tightly packed trunk.