Blip: Eye Of The Gull

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Illustration: Ford

I actually don’t have a goofy joke for today’s picture; I just really liked it, as a piece of commercial art. It has a sort of David Hockney pool painting feel, and the overhead view is unusual for a late ‘50s automotive ad. It’s beautifully rendered, the composition is great, I’d have a huge print of this on my wall and be delighted. Way to go, 1959 Ford Galaxie/Thunderbird commercial artist!


I mean, sure, whoever owns that house likely isn’t crazy that their friends decided to park three cars right in the backyard mere feet from the pool, likely trashing a lawn and running over tricycles and grilles, but, still. Easier than dragging over folding chairs, right?

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“Way to go, 1959 Ford Galaxie commercial artist!”

One of those is a Thunderbird.