Blip: An Un-Googleable Jeep

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Photo: IKA

Well, let’s just say very hard to Google. That’s because this is known as a Jeep Model 101, and if you try to Google that, you just get a lot of explainers about Jeep models, since, you know, 101 is the college class level used to mean a general survey type of thing. If you want to know more about it, you need to add in the letters IKA, the Argentinian Renault/Willys licensee that actually built it.

A four-door Jeep like a modern Wrangler, way back then! What a world.

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Times up, time to leave!

Is that the fuel cap between the front and rear doors? And what’s with the very shiny hubcaps, on a workhorse vehicle?

An odd beast indeed.